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Problems and Solutions of Mine Vehicle Clutch Faults

June 2, 2023

Latest company news about Problems and Solutions of Mine Vehicle Clutch Faults

1. If there is no resistance when stepping on the clutch pedal, and there is a knocking sound when the gear is in place, the clutch cannot be disengaged. This may be the reason for the lack of oil in the clutch oil pump or oil leakage in the pipeline. Because the air enters the oil pipeline, the pressure oil in the oil pipeline cannot be produced to the air valve of the clutch sub-pump, resulting in the clutch not working, so the method should be from To solve the cause, add hydraulic oil, or replace and repair the oil pump.

2. When the mining vehicle is started, the clutch cannot be smoothly combined, resulting in vibration. The reason may be that the steel plate or pressure plate of the driven disc is warped and deformed, which leads to the abnormal contact between the driven disc and the flywheel or Platen combination. Of course, it is also possible that the contact surface between the flywheel and the driven disc is deflected or the rivets on the driven disc are loose, and so on. When encountering this kind of problem, it is basically the cause of the driven plate or the pressure plate. The easiest way is to replace the driven plate or the pressure plate to solve the problem.

3. There is an abnormal sound when the clutch is disengaged or combined. This may be due to lack of lubricant in the release bearing, or oil and dust, etc., resulting in the failure of the bearing to return and so on.

4. When the clutch slips, there are many reasons, such as the clutch pressure plate spring is too soft or broken, the coupling bolt between the clutch and the flywheel is loose, and the oil return hole of the clutch master cylinder is blocked. The important thing is to find out the solution, generally speaking, it can be solved by the following steps.

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