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The structure and components of mining vehicles

June 2, 2023

Latest company news about The structure and components of mining vehicles

The structure and components of mining vehicles vary from model to model. Under normal circumstances, the mining four-image vehicle consists of the following components:

1. Car body: The car body is the main part of the mining truck, including the driver's cab, carriage and cargo box.

2. Engine: The engine is the power part of the mining truck. Generally, a diesel engine or an electric engine is used, with relatively high power and torque, to cope with various complex working environments.

3. Transmission: The transmission can convert the rotational speed of the engine into an appropriate drag torque or traction force, and adjust the driving speed and the torque output of the vehicle.

4. Suspension system: The suspension system can keep the vehicle running stably, and deal with uneven road surface and vibration during movement and bumps during driving.

5. Braking system: The braking system includes the brake pedal and wheel brakes under the front of the driver's seat to complete the efficient and safe braking and parking functions of the vehicle.

6. Steering system: The steering system controls the steering angle of the vehicle to adjust the direction and control the driving direction of the vehicle.

7. Electrical system: including ignition system, lighting system, audio system, cable system, etc., to ensure the safe and reliable operation and operation of the electrical equipment of the vehicle.

8. Tires: Tires are an important part of the vehicle and are in direct contact with the road surface. They need to have excellent compression resistance, wear resistance, and heat resistance.

In addition, depending on the model of the vehicle, there may also be functions such as air conditioning and GPS navigation. In a word, the components of the mining vehicle are closely related to the application. According to the specific requirements and the functional configuration used, the vehicle can also have different devices and components.

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