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Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of Mining Vehicles

June 2, 2023

Latest company news about Common Faults and Maintenance Methods of Mining Vehicles

Mining vehicles are special vehicles used in mining fields. They are often subjected to harsh working environments and high-intensity workloads, so there are many common faults. Some common faults and corresponding repair methods are listed below:

1. Brake failure

Brake failure is a very dangerous situation and the driver needs to take immediate steps to prevent accidents. There may be many reasons for brake failure, such as low brake oil pressure, insufficient remaining thickness of brake pads, etc. If the brakes fail, the driver should slow down immediately and stop by pulling the handbrake or shifting to a lower gear.

2. Engine won't start

An engine that won't start can be due to a dead battery, faulty starter, etc. If the battery is dead, you can use the power charger to charge the battery; if the starter is faulty, you need to check whether the relay and wires of the starter are normal, and replace parts if necessary.

3. Flat tire

Tire leaks will affect the stability and safety of the vehicle and need to be dealt with in time. If the tire is only a small air leak, you can use the air pump to fill the tire; if the tire has a large air leak or damage, you need to replace the tire.

4. Suspension system problems

If there is a problem with the suspension system of the vehicle, it will cause the vehicle to be unstable and the ride will be uncomfortable. The cause of this situation may be broken suspension springs, shock absorbers failure and so on. Various components of the suspension system need to be inspected and replaced.

In short, there will be many faults in the working process of mining vehicles, which need to be eliminated in time. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle, it is recommended to maintain and maintain the vehicle regularly.

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