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What types of common mining trucks are there?

June 1, 2023

Latest company news about What types of common mining trucks are there?

Dump mine trucks are used in mines or construction sites in my country to transport crushed bulk metal materials. Such as: ore, coal, stone, etc. It consists of a carriage, a frame, a buffer bumper, and a wheel axle. The structure design is simple, sturdy, economical and durable, and it can be used conveniently. All the materials can be easily unloaded only by opening the stop plate with the human resources of the enterprise. The wheel shaft adopts roller bearings, which effectively reduces the development resistance of the system operation, and can be pushed through with labor costs. Dump mine trucks are widely used in coal mines, gold mines, iron ore, gypsum mines and other mining industries. In mines or construction sites, it is used to transport broken bulk materials, such as: ore, coal, stone, etc.
The structure of a dump truck is composed of a compartment, a frame, a bumper and an axle.
1. Automobile: It is composed of welding components such as box body plates, end covers, and mouth angle steels.
2. Frame: It is composed of channel steel, dump truck angle steel, joints, axle clamps, etc. Welding.
3. Wheel pair: composed of wheels, axles, bearings, etc.
4. Connecting plug: 40mm high-quality carbon steel, welded by hand-held ring.

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