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Maintenance method of mine transport vehicle

June 2, 2023

Latest company news about Maintenance method of mine transport vehicle

Everyone knows that mining transport vehicles are driven underground in harsh mines, and they must also meet the safety of special vehicles for mines. Here are some maintenance methods for mining four-dimensional vehicles.

1. Clean the soil and dust on the mining transport vehicle in time. Remove the exhaust pipe and clean the dirt and sand inside.
2. Clean the air filter. Clean the filter element with diesel oil first, then soak it with engine oil, and assemble it after the excess engine oil drips from the filter. Remove the cylinder head, take out the valve block, wash the dirt, remove the rust and grind the valves.

3. When the mining transport vehicle is moving, it should pay attention to crossing obstacles at low speed and not turning sharply under heavy load; it should drive at low speed on uneven roads and try to avoid emergency braking; When driving on muddy roads, the walking system should not slip severely.

4. Lubricating oil should be added regularly according to the daily maintenance requirements of the wheel set to ensure good lubrication, and the slime and other appendages should be cleaned regularly to ensure sufficient capacity; check whether the anti-loosening pin is bent or cracked; check the fasteners Whether the bolts on the machine are loose, etc., to prevent accidents.

For mine transportation, choosing mine transport vehicles with zero emission, simple operation, high torque and low failure rate is an important way to improve mine production efficiency and mine working environment.

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